Saturday, July 25, 2009

Launching My Leftist Quaker Blog

I have had other blogs before, and have years of internet discussion experience, going back to usenet and BITnet in 1989. Recently, I have become involved with the QuakerQuaker ning group and have begun blogging about Quakerism. Also, Yahoo canceled the "360" pages where I was blogging, and I can't get into the new blogging set-up due to a persistent problem with profiles on Yahoo. So, here I am at blogger.

As the title suggests, I am a political leftist, with involvements in peace, socialist, anarchist, feminist, anti-racist, and other activist concerns and organizations. Most Quakers are pacifists, and some are basically leftist, but many Quakers are quite comfortably middle-class. Although I was born into a preacher's family and my parents were college educated, we were always lower middle or working-class. I have always felt estranged from our society, whether on racism, capitalism, sexism, or militarism.

As a Quaker, I will also blog about religion in various forms. I am involved with FGC's Christian and Interfaith Relations Committee and want to see Quakerism become more aggressively universalist and interfaith. World peace requires that religions get along, so there is more than enough work there.

Peace! Charley